Wunschtacho History

Why dials?

At the time of the turn of the millenium Alex was remodelling his BMW E30 cabriolet and changed part after part. When he came to the speedo a solution had to be found:

New dials, new speedo-lightening


Even after hours of calling different shops, he wasn’t able to find new dials and lightening for his car. Although he just didn’t want to abtain from an other lightening: In this moment the idea was born to create dials and new lightening on his own! Together with a second company- founder speedo-foils were printed, designs were developed, calls with different companys were made, Leds were installed etc. etc. They worked until a good product has been developed.


After the first year of the business the company-structure changed, because the former founder left and Alex convinced his brother Tom to continue together with him. Tom, as a TV-electrician, could bring in his knowledge about electricity, which was very helpful for remodelling the speedos. The remodelling is a special service until today, that nearly no other producer of dials offers to his costumers.


The tasks had quickly been assigned to the both brothers: Alex’s job was to create the dial-designs and he also designed the the website. Tom assumed the logistic and took care of the wishes and complains of the growing costumer base. Both brothers could bring in there individual talents and could make a job out of there favourite hobby: Their love for cars.


According to the growing company-success the claim to the quality of the products grew. Alex and Tom could build a business-connection to a big print office and together new ways were found to create dials, which were more professionel than before. The result were dials, that guaranteed an evenly lightening and were robust and tough. Untill today the Wunschtacho-dials are produced with that special technique.   


But Wunschtacho doesn’t only sell dials: The costumers can also find all needed lightening-stuff and since a few years even much more things, that makes the heart of every car-lover beat faster. For example individual designed door mats or different design-stickers. Aside of it Wunschtacho attaches great importance to a good service and remodelled the company-website during the years a few times. Today there can be found the FAQs and the complete website in english language.


Meanwhile the branch of trade established and the question could be asked, why wunschtacho is different from other sellers.

At the moment Wunschtacho has new plans and is going to enlarge the wide selection.


But the ambition for wunschtacho is the same:

High-quality dials and lightening for satisfied costumers!

Dieser Service wird Ihnen von Wunschtacho Car Tuning zur Verfügung gestellt