New Homepage (TYPO3)


This HP (the newer) is programmed completely with the Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3 based on HTML; this means, that all links and menu points are dynamic links.

Typo3 is a free system and for our requirements almost approprate. With some extensions based on HTML and PHP are many innovations available for our clients:

  • Forum
  • FAQ
  • Tipafriend
  • Kontakt Formular
  • Layermenu
  • and so on...


We're now proud again with our new internet platform.

More Service and faster reactions to your needs isn't a problem.


New Onlineshop (XTCommerce)

Free OpenSource XTCommerce Shop
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The new shopsystem is the follower of the celebrated OS-Commerce. With XTCommerce are a huge numbers of new possibilties. The design adapt to this Typo3 Homepage.


Some important News for us and for the clients:

  • english/german
  • every design is possible
  • more products
  • give products a feedback
  • eBay auctions
  • beststeller list
  • shop NEWS
  • block pricing
  • and much more..


You should look into our new shop soon.




Dieser Service wird Ihnen von Wunschtacho Car Tuning zur Verfügung gestellt