FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Payment of the products

Currently there are following possibilitys to pay:

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Manuals - all informations

Public manuals and Specific manuals for dials, EL Foil, etc... will be automaticly send with our products.

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Illuminants: EL Foil (Light Foil) - all informations

EL Foil isn't installed on normal cars. It is a foil, which is lighting absolute uniformly, if it's attached to AC voltage (DC/AC inverter is in scope of supply).
The foil can be cutted with an normal cutter at the format you want.
Often used in older cars, if the cars should confert to "shining through technic": VW Golf 1-3, VW Passat 35i, OPEL Corsa B, etc...

about DIN A6

Luminance & Illumination:
Absolute uniformly illumination, little bit darker than LED

Available Colors:
white, blue and red

We send
DC/AC inverter and manual are in scope of supply.
Soldering acknowledge recommended for installation.

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Illuminants: PNP LED - all informations

In the most cars bulbs in PNP sockets are installed. The easiest way to change to LED is to remove the old PNP and insert the PNP LED socket (with 12V resistor) - finished!

PNP sockets are available in small and large:
large: about 12mm diamter
small: about 8mm diamter
in 90% small PNP sockets are installed: VW, AUDI, OPEL, SEAT, FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, etc...
in a few times large PNP are installed: BMW, FORD, MERCEDES

Generally all high power LED are even superior to normal bulbs:
Luminance, color, lifetime, power consumption, producing (no) heat, etc...

Installation with diffusion foil for best result.

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Illuminants: SMD LED - all informations

In all newer cars are small SMD chips installed: cockpit and all other equipment. If the illuminants must be changed, soldering acknowledge is necessary!

SMD LED small and large:
large: about 3,2 x2,8 mm
small: about 1,6 x 0,8 mm
in 90% large SMD LED are installed: BMW E46, E39, FIAT Punto 188, PEUGEOT 206, etc...
in a few times, small SMD LED are installed: FIAT Stilo, Car and Cell phones, etc...

SMD LED are the best possibility:
light angle, illuminating power, color intensity, lifetime, power consumption, producing (no) heat, etc...

Illuminaton by using SMD LED is absolutely perfect.

If SMD LED are in use, pointers of older cars can be lighted in different colors.

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Dials / Plates - illumination turquoise and not blue?

If original bulbs are in use, the illumination is often a little bit turquoise.
Note: bulbs with yellow-white light + blue color filter = turquoise

If its possible use LED
Blue LED are lighting deep blue
White LED are lighting absolute white (no yellow parts)

Blue and White LED
Blue LED pro: deepblue color - exactly the right color
Blue LED con: red lighted parts and red pointers aren't available

White LED pro: Red parts and pointers are available, with different color filters can every color be filtered: blue, red, white, green, etc...
White LED con: Deepblue lighting isn't possible

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Dials / Plates - illumination non-uniform?

If PNP LED are in use, often illumination in not 100% uniform.
Some solutions are possible:

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Dials compare - with or without shining through technic

Dials with s.t.t. cannot be compared with some without s.t.t.!
If you got a car with lighting from behind, you should always use the first one.
In night you will be satisfied with the solution.

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Allowance / Admission

The installation of dials is "TÜV" free in germany. It mustn't blind and you should always be able to read the speed.

We give no guaranty by using any dials - please inform before using!


Note: If you use our dials outside germany ask the official department for traffic...

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Shipping of the goods

Currently we send only per certified mail inside germany.

International shipping changes with the receiver land and price of the goods.

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